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  1. Jennie says:

    Hello Jason,

    I’m Jennie and I work for My Heritage ( and we would be interested to have you review a fun gadget called the Baby Lookalike Meter: This tool allows users to place a photo of their kid, and one of each parent, and the meter will let you know who the baby looks like the most; It also allows users to publish the result on their blog or personal profile, such as Facebook, etc.

    It is a really fun gadget and a great topic for family discussion! J

    The link to the Baby Lookalike Meter is:

    I would love hearing from you about it.



  2. martin sperber says:

    hallo Jason alles goed

  3. Love your tag line Jason, “it’s not babysitting–it’s called parenting”. See you at SXSW!

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