Dogtor Who

[Scroll down for the picture, I seriously didn’t mean to write this much on top. I know, I know, I always do.]

This past February, a week after the seventh anniversary of us bringing him home from the local SPCA, our family pet Waldo (full name: Waldo the WonderMutt, a.k.a. Tha Notorious D.O.G.) passed away after a quiet, slow battle with cancer. He’d joined our family a full pregnancy term before The Pumpkin’s arrival, and she grew up with him. When she first came home, he’d go over to her portacrib when she cried to make sure she was okay. His name was her first word.

After he died, The Pumpkin did ask if we could get another dog one day. When we visited the SPCA last month, I was surprised when The Button, who I thought didn’t really remember Waldo, pointed at a photo of a golden retriever/chow mix on a kennel gate (Waldo was golden/basset hound—I mean, he was called “The WonderMutt” for a reason!) and said, “That picture looks like Waldo.” But as serendipity would have it, one of la dra.’s coworkers had taken in a cute little stray and had been unable to find his owners. We went to visit, the girls pronounced him fluffy, and thus a month ago, Mister Fluffy Marshmallow joined our family. (And yes, The Pumpkin named him.)

I have to admit, as soon as we brought him home, I knew what I wanted to do to him, er, dress him as, for Halloween. I am a geekdad with no geeklets. The Pumpkin favors her American Girl doll and Hello Kitty over the Spock Bear I bought her before she was born, and anything pink over the Star Trek t-shirt a friend gave her, more as a joke for my benefit (and who knows where either of those things are anymore). As she is literally a Halloween baby, dressing up has always been special for her, and so we’ve let her choose her costumes since she’s been able to. After our tongue-in-cheek first birthday “Japanese restaurant hostess” and second birthday monkey, she’s chosen Pablo the Backyardigan, Hello Kitty Princess, ballerina, and butterfly. This year she’s Kiki from The Fresh Beat Band. While I still have a chance to capitalize on The Button’s interest in dinosaurs and robots (and I’m still working on her robot costume for this year…hmmm…a Cybertot maybe?), I think I’ve got a better chance to geek up poor Fluffy.

And so, without further ado (well, no further ado after too much unnecessary expository ado, rather), I present: Dogtor Who.

Dogtor Who

My daughters' new pet, Mister Fluffy Marshmallow, revealed himself to be a Timelord, just in time for Halloween.


About Jason Sperber

Jason Sperber is a stay-at-home-dad of 2 daughters, a writer, and a professional ice cream taster in Bakersfield, California. Once upon a time, he was an OG dadblogger at daddy in a strange land and co-founded Rice Daddies, the seminal group blog by Asian American dads. He is a co-founding writer of, and is the resident hapa Trekkie at, The Nerds Of Color. Follow him on Twitter at @dad_strangeland and on Instagram at @jasonsperber.
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3 Responses to Dogtor Who

  1. superha says:

    Geekily perfect. R.I.P. Waldo.

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